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Make The Market Work For You


Every market has an upside. Find yours.

The 2022 DC housing market outperformed expectations despite lingering Covid activity, inflation ballooning, and soaring mortgage interest rates.

In 2023, many of the same drivers of that success, such as pent-up demand and the rebounding popularity of metropolitan areas like the DCMA, are predicted to foster continued growth.  As inflation curbs and rates adjust downward, the market is sure to accelerate in response.

How can this work to your advantage?


A Window of Opportunity Is Open


Right now–in late 2022–there’s a brief window of opportunity for buyers and sellers alike.  Sellers can take advantage of valid comparables from prior months when price growth was stronger. Buyers will see less competition and price escalation, and the return of contingent offers.

Whatever motivates your home sale or purchase, find your win now.  While others are looking down at market conditions, look up.  That’s where the profits are.

One things we know for sure: You can always count on the DC real estate market to rise.


Shared Goals

Buyers, sellers and investors share
three basic goals: Buy low. sell
high, and achieve the highest and
best use for properties in-between.

We’re here to provide insight into
current market trends, inventory
and transaction strategies, then guide you from contract to closing and beyond.

Purposefully matching people to properties.

Proven Strategies

One of the benefits of having two
decades of experience in various
real estate industry sectors is the
ability to look back, identity
market disruption similarities, and
employ proven strategies in
response.  Those who have
already traveled a path make the
best guides.

Let's Get To Work

How do you want to conquer the market today?

We’ve Got The Tools

134 tools for DC Real estate.

You’re going to be a maven.

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The Momagent.


In 1981, mortgage interest rates hit 16.62%. You read that right. And people still bought and sold, then refinanced later.  From 2003 to 2007, subprime mortgages rose 292%. We warned against them, sending a potential market crash. Zero of our clients were adversely affected by the crash, many made great investments.

Every market offers opportunity, and heartbreak.  Experience can make the difference between them.


When the market throws a curveball, expectations go out-of-whack with reality, or you’re about to do something that may not end well, you’re going to hear that voice.

It sounds a bit like your mom’s would, if she was an expert in DC real estate.


+ Pricing, Presentation & Renovation. All of those.

Lover of logic, data, micro-neighborhood dish. reimagining space for greater profit & livability, gaming the market for our clients.

The big win?  Getting you what you want, when you want it, with an unexpected perk.

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